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March 2015

रुपैयाँ १०० कि रूपैयाँ १०००? नेपाल राक्षस बैंकलाई कहिले थाहा हुने? B_n8hyCVAAAjgA8.png:large (1022×475).

No more poor countries by 2035 – Bill Gates!

According to World Bank country classification, 4 different countries exist today based on income person, namely low income, lower middle, upper middle and high income groups. However, the poverty curve from two humps to one as of 2035 lets…

Drone in Nepal: Drone for tracking poachers

I was thinking of buying a drone in Nepal - worry not, not a surveillance drone or anything serious. I just want it to capture the beautiful scenario of Nepalese cities - or city - obviously stationed over my home. Or sometime just on the…