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This is what I Tweet!

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I’m a strong believer of “Life is a Graph, Plot it”.

Twitter following geographic map for @Ekendra
Twitter following geographic map for @Ekendra


Year 2013 with Twitter Statistics

I’m an avid Twitterer @Ekendra, hence the graph here. Note: Twitter has a limitation to pull last 1000 tweets hence limiting the analysis.


Most Tweeted Times for @Ekendra
Most Tweeted Times for @Ekendra


  • Profile name:@Ekendra
  • Followers:1340
  • Following:825
  • Tweets:24663
  • Peerindex:36
  • Twitter Age:5 years 2 months 14 days


Tweetails for Ekendra

  • Space efficiency: 66.77% (tweets have an average of 47 spare characters left over)
  • Average word length: 4.65 characters
  • Average syllables per word: 1.56
  • Vocabulary diversity score: 43.96
  • Real dictionary words: 89.75%

Our intelligence rating for Ekendra is: –
Intelligent – Our algorithms tell us Ekendra is rather clever. We’ve requested a full systems check.

In our special nonsensical Twitter roleplaying parlance, Ekendra is a: –
Level 13 Expert Tweet Paladin


Ekendra posts an average of 12.59 tweets per day.

We estimate they spend 12 hours per month using Twitter.

Around 4 hours of this monthly usage is during typical work/school hours (9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday).