Can’t Take My Eyes Off You: Lyrics and Video

We present here lyrics and 3 different music videos to the song Can’t Take My Eyes Off You orignally song by Frankie Valli. “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You“, written by Bob Crewe and Bob Gaudio, was a 1967 single by Frankie Valli. The song was among Valli’s biggest hits, reaching #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and earning a gold record. It was one of several hits that Valli recorded without the participation of his vocal group, The Four Seasons, and his biggest “solo” hit until he hit #1 in 1974 with “My Eyes Adored You”.

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Holi celebration video

Here is a very short (few seconds only) video that entails the celebration of Holi festival organized by NTB (Nepal Tourism Board) & REBAN(Resturant and Bar Association of Nepal) Pokhara Chapter. The show was fantastic, tourists enjoyed it as a big festival. Your comment to this holi festival is welcomed.

Gairi khet ko sirai Hanyo video – Prem Pinda

Now you can watch songs from Prem Pinda- a Nepali Movie back to 1995.

Director: Yadav Kharel

Writer: Bal Krishna Sama (play)

Cast:    Neer Bikram Shah (as Neer Shah)


गैरी खेतको सिरै हाल्यो- प्रेम पिन्ड

Gairi khet ko sirai Hanyo video – Prem Pinda

IMDb for Prem Pinda

image7 IMDb recommends other few Nepali movies as well: Aadi Kabi Bhanubhakta,  Hateri, Mukundo, Chino and Aago. Browse country wise movie database for Nepal.

Watch ‘Gairi Khet ko Sirai Halyo’ from Prem Pinda – a classical Nepali Movie

Click to Watch Gairi Khet ko Sirai Halyo from Prem Pinda

Click the image above to Watch Gairi Khet ko Sirai Halyo from Prem Pinda

For a few more days to pass by, i have worked intensively on ekendraonline’s media page. See the change in here.

Aiming to uplift Nepali classics, media files have been uploaded gradually. Your valuable feedback is deserved.

गैरी खेतको सिरै हान्यो – ओरिजिनल भर्सेस रक via