How to install Cygwin in Windows7 64x and run Linux applications inside Windows

Cygwin Running NS3 in Windows 7Cygwin is a development environment similar to Unix one and has command-line interface to work like in Linux but inside the Microsoft Windows Operating System. Cygwin eliminates the overhead of installing an entire Linux OS for running certain applications. There is a native integration of Windows-based applications and softwares to work in Linux or Unix like environment, thus it is not necessary to install Linux only to fun your simulating program. Wine, WINdows Emulator, on the other hand is just the reverse application to Cygwin – Wine allows us to run applications developed primarily for Windows OS in other operating systems, say Mac OS or Linux.

In order to run or install native Linux or Unix based simulators like NS2 or NS3 (Network Simulators) and OMNeT++ (not a native though) in Windows (without installing Linux), you will need Cygwin. Read Tutorial: How to install ns-3 in Windows 7 using Cygwin by Jason.

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Top ways to customize and solve issues with Dolphin

Ever wondering how hard it is to install and even after installing Dolphin- community building software, it is harder to customize this Boonex Software. So, assuming that you have successfully installed Dolphin, presented here are the top ways to customize and solve problems and issues related with Dolphin. Continue reading

Problems & errors encountered during Dolphin installation on Bluehost

Updated: Top ways to customize and solve issues with Dolphin

If you are considering Dolphin Smart Community Builder, online dating, communities and social network  for your site, this article could be a good job. With Dolphin, one can discover blogs, photos, videos, music, groups, classifieds, events, polls, forums, articles, boards, chat and a lot other features.

This article features a complete visual guide on installing Dolphin Smart Community Builder by Boonex. If your host is Bluehost and you have encountered errors on early stage of installing Dolphin, here’s the solution followed by installation guide.

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.htaccess Tutorial: Check if my host supports .htaccess

Came across a condition when you are to manually operate on .htaccess file on your host? Got perplexed when installing Dolphin? Here’s how to check if you host supports .htaccess.

What is .htaccess?

One might think that although .htaccess is only a simple file with no name  but the extension .htaccess, it can alter settings on the servers by allowing to do much more different things. From displaying custom 404 error pages to configuring high end web applications, .htaccess is needed.

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Step by step visual guide to install Dolphin Community Software on Localhost

This article will cover a complete guide to install Dolphin Community Software on localhost visually—with screenshots on Windows Vista using XAMPP server.

Before proceeding to this article, please read Problems & errors encountered during Dolphin installation on live site. Or you can keep the link window opened in nest tab until you want to read.

  1. It is assumed that your XAMPP server is running and you have successfully unzipped the downloaded file of latest Dolphin Software to apt folder (eg C:\XAMPP\htdocs\dolphin). Here, is a complete guide to how to install and use XAMPP server on localhost and create a database with phpMyAdmin.
  2. Please, make an empty database (empty is preferred) for Dolphin, eg http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ goto this location and create one. Ensure you have saved the database name, user name and password as well.
  3. Assumed that you have a working database and a complete files/folders unzipped for Dolphin, point our browser to http://localhost/dolphin/ to start installing dolphin.



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