Facebook issues, errors & weak points

Who says Facebook has the best web built interface? Is this another way of spam or burden for visitors/users to visit Facebook time and again for the same thing? I name it FACEBOOK TORTURE after successive of 5 saving of settings. The screenshot shows that Facebook is unable to save the settings, it reads:

Facebook in Nepali- फेसबुक नेपालीमै चलाऊनु होस्

This article has been updated lately on June 11, 2009. Since there is no any official Nepali language version of Facebook from Facebook Team, this article aims to provide desire for many Nepalese Facebook lovers a try. I think this post will also answer those who were looking for How to translate Facebook language to …

Facebook in Nepali- फेसबुक नेपालीमै चलाऊनु होस् Read complete article »

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