Secure Satellite Communication Channel and Management

iDo Research!

Network Simulators
SN can form the base of cloud computing, distributed computing, and Next Generation Networks (NGN). Learn more about Sensor Networks.
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iAnalyze Social Networks!

Trend of Social Media Addiction
Social Media & Social Computing both from business & personal perspective is on demand analysis (BI) now. My coverage on twisted Social networks along with better blogging with ICT4D perspective. Get more in SM thingy.
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iContribute to ICT4D

ICT for Development ICT4D
What is ICT4D, Understanding the core values of ICT for Development when the topic is rock solid for your career and obviously the development of the country.
Explore how ICT can help ameliorate Sustainable Development.
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With a tagline ‘Nearly everything that I latch on’, since the summer of 2004 is a personal website of Ekendra Lamsal covering technology latched on. Expect no guffs. Believe in the Karma. Salvilize the technology.[/note][/column]
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