This is what online eCommerce sites in developing countries sell?

  DJ Headphones : Beats Mixr Headphones | Beats by Dre available at only NPR 180 (original price $249.95). This is what markets of both online and grey ones sell at our developing world, this also gives me a rewind of comments made at Review of Mini Bluetooth Speaker beats by dr.dre Monster.

What is (2FA0C)16 ? via EkendraOnLine

What is (2FAOC)16 ?

(2FAOC)16 is equivalent to (195 084)10 (001011111010 0000 1100)2 Both both above None of these I’m sure many of you have seen or faced this question on either competitive exams or during interviews of Computer Science, Information Technology (IT), Distributed Systems or other similar domains. The correct term should be (2FA0C)16 and NOT (2FAOC)16 as O (zero) …

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Hundreds of Ready-to fly Nepalese laborers standed in airport suggest communication gap between ministries and departments of the same government. Too petty to explain.

WhatsApp Messenger – who don't want it?

SMS replacing true cross-platform apps, WhatsApp is something which ever smartphone owner want to have. WhatsApp is not free, it costs $0.99 once time payment for download/install. Recently, trying to install people were crazy about How to install whatsapp messenger in iPhone 4S ??? Purchase it man… Download WhatsApp

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