Watch Prem Pinda video: के भनु कसोगरी परे मोहिनीको माया जालैमा


Watch this Prem Pinda video, a popular classic Nepali Video:
के भनु कसोगरी परे मोहिनीको माया जालैमा 

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Spice Nepal Pvt Ltd’s Mero Mobile presents Nepali Icons Nima Rumba and Anil Singh in concert with your favorite Indian Idol contestants Anikta, Chang, Charu, Deepali, Emon and Parleen. Witness the musical event of the year LIVE at two exciting venues.

Managed by, the first live concert if at Pulchowk Engineering College Football Ground, Patan on Saturda 15th Sept, 2007 onward 1 pm and the another live concert is for mega rich Nepalis who can spend Rs 3500 for the live cum dinner at Megha Malhar Hall, Soaltee Crown Plaza, Kathmandu on Sunday onwards 7pm.

Whatever… I am not going, this is the not the latest in the Indian Idol dude…. the two giants are over there- Amit and Prashant are not sleeping well for another week too.