SLC Examination 2066 Facts and Figures

Note!!! ** SLC Result 2066 Directly on your Email **

The School Leaving Certificate (SLC) examinations, which is considered to be the iron gate of the school education system, is all set to kick off at at 8 a.m. on Thursday morning Chaitra 12, 2066. Altogether 456,719 students will sit for the SLC examinations in 1,548 centres across the country. Continue reading

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My favorite Tweets @Ekendra

Here is a list of my favorite tweets till today. This post is still under way!

Jan 16 week:

A flap of butterfly’s wings in Brazil can set out a tornado in Texas. #ButterflyEffect

the greatest mistake I have ever made in me entire life is TRUST; maybe I will trust more in days to come

thinking why people degrade their own life even after knowing what they are doing is unethical????

Tribute to KK! RT @SangeetSansar: RIP KK!!! Kumar Kanchha passes away! #KumarKanchha #sangeetsansar

sorrie is the worst word but when you have no excuse there is no choice

World’s most expensive & luxury mobile phones, price on request #mobilephones luxury needs

the greatest mistake I have ever made in me entire life is TRUST; maybe I will trust more in days to come

Jan 9 Week:

तपाईं जस्तो रङको चस्मा लगाउनु हुन्छ, संसार तेस्तै देखिन्छ । #Life#Quotes

sometimes it is good to be silent #RespectingYourself

If there is electricity in your home, DO NOT forget to switch off fan and lights whn you leave your room. #jk #Nepal

नेपालीमा एउटा भनाई छ–युवायुवती कुकुरको पुच्छर बांगो देखेपनि हास्छन् ।#Quotes

It has become very hard to understand people’s mind; the closer you become wid them, the harder you will find. #thedirtyworld

RT @yowlanku: “विदेशीलाइ चैं स्वागत, आतिशवाजी हाम्लाइ चैं लोडसेडिङ र महँगी। बाबु यो संसार हुनेखानेलाइ मात्र हो” – एक बृद्ध नेपाली

some lies and some acts in life can never be forgiven; i hate to ’em

Lies are lies whether they are smaller or bigger; remembering those lies made to me!

एकदम सत्य कुरा हो; RT @subaspokharel: सतीले सरापेको देश, के भन्न सकिन्छ र!

some answers and reasons I will never again try to find in my entire life time; maybe these cases prove their aint any god in this world!

आज को खाजा सेल रोटी र चिया, तपाई को नि? #noweating

Funny Politicians – Facebook exposure of Nepalese Politicians’ Cartoon

Facebook, in recent days, is been loaded with so many funny pictures of Nepalese Politicians – these Photoshopped images are just coming out on the time of Maoists bandhs, leaders failing to write constitution in time, and all those political chaos that’ s been surmounting Nepalese development.

Due to Nepal Government regulations and broken Facebook image links, cartoons published on this page are no more available. Thank you for understanding. – Updated Sept 6, 2014
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