Top Tech 2012: Technologies to come into life this year

IEEE Spectrum magazine in their January issue compiled a special report on Top Technologies that are likely to change the future in 2012; these 14 stories of technology are prominently in this year’s tech headlines.

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The consumerization of IT – year of Handhelds

The mobile sales has surpassed the PC sales in 2011 (see the projected PC and mobile sales thru 2013 below, which has come true) and the market is still going exponential for smartphones and tablets. Looks like era of Desktop PCs and Notebook PCs has been just archived, we know traditional desktop and notebook PCs can never expire tho’.

The savvy IT organization today realizes that this trend is happening and that IT can lead, follow, or become road kill. – IDC


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Analysis of AIT’s web services & related technical suggestions

Since long AIT’s main website has been one of the best to demonstrate worst examples in design and related web services classes in AIT itself, seems like even professor’s couldn’t suggest the people behind the website.I had compiled a list of pitfalls and bad design points of the AIT website, namely, back in my first semester; and after attending my forums (later CLIQ’s ones) I thought everything gonna be alright with time. But it remained the same after all. So, I’m not only going to figure out problems, but also related solutions from my technicalities (and maybe sometimes my suggestions are limited to my knowledge), hope it will be some betterment.

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Facebook Places go viral – can Nepalese business benefit?

Facebook has been virally implementing places in almost every possible modules in the site after purchase a location-based social network site Gowalla this week. The check-in feature in Facebook is the one to go virtual after its availability in the mobile version of the social site Facebook including the touch edition of the same. But does this have real effect in Nepalese business?

The new facebook timeline gives its user ability to add-in life events like a dairy, the places module in which gives all your stories about location, where one has lived, how many trips covered. Plus geo-location based photos is what Facebook has been focusing now. Time and again it is asking me “You have been to Pattaya on …. have you taken this photo there?” awesome… it looks like. Since many of the photos are already meta GPS coordinates embedded (not a good word for this for sure), Facebook can automatically determine the place, but asking user to verify is surely a good thing.


This screenshot from Facebook places show stories on places shared, places lived and other location based life event, followed by the photos taken at various places.

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10 Best Websites I Visit Everyday

http-www-browserIf I ask you one question – which is your favorite site? what do you reply or ask you – apart from your Facebook and Gmail (or other email site) which is the first website which comes into your mind, what would you reply?

Bathroom blogging sometimes is so good that there lies an entire universe of ideas. Happened to had, which are the websites that I have to visit to refresh my mood and get some intellects plus while I was referring myself to a visit in TED. Continue reading

My favorite Tweets @Ekendra

Here is a list of my favorite tweets till today. This post is still under way!

Jan 16 week:

A flap of butterfly’s wings in Brazil can set out a tornado in Texas. #ButterflyEffect

the greatest mistake I have ever made in me entire life is TRUST; maybe I will trust more in days to come

thinking why people degrade their own life even after knowing what they are doing is unethical????

Tribute to KK! RT @SangeetSansar: RIP KK!!! Kumar Kanchha passes away! #KumarKanchha #sangeetsansar

sorrie is the worst word but when you have no excuse there is no choice

World’s most expensive & luxury mobile phones, price on request #mobilephones luxury needs

the greatest mistake I have ever made in me entire life is TRUST; maybe I will trust more in days to come

Jan 9 Week:

तपाईं जस्तो रङको चस्मा लगाउनु हुन्छ, संसार तेस्तै देखिन्छ । #Life#Quotes

sometimes it is good to be silent #RespectingYourself

If there is electricity in your home, DO NOT forget to switch off fan and lights whn you leave your room. #jk #Nepal

नेपालीमा एउटा भनाई छ–युवायुवती कुकुरको पुच्छर बांगो देखेपनि हास्छन् ।#Quotes

It has become very hard to understand people’s mind; the closer you become wid them, the harder you will find. #thedirtyworld

RT @yowlanku: “विदेशीलाइ चैं स्वागत, आतिशवाजी हाम्लाइ चैं लोडसेडिङ र महँगी। बाबु यो संसार हुनेखानेलाइ मात्र हो” – एक बृद्ध नेपाली

some lies and some acts in life can never be forgiven; i hate to ’em

Lies are lies whether they are smaller or bigger; remembering those lies made to me!

एकदम सत्य कुरा हो; RT @subaspokharel: सतीले सरापेको देश, के भन्न सकिन्छ र!

some answers and reasons I will never again try to find in my entire life time; maybe these cases prove their aint any god in this world!

आज को खाजा सेल रोटी र चिया, तपाई को नि? #noweating