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Realities are bitter as usual. This is with too much of frustration and a big NO NO to WRC, I am finally writing off the web- no matter what the consequences be. WRC will always be the one praised by bunkers and fake students as glued to for years by now. (Do not read below, if you can’t take truth into you.)

दु:ख नपाए WRC जानु – that’s right, if you are having a relaxed life you can observe so called students’ life in WRC. Are you a regular class bunker? Do you yet want an Engineering degree? Do you never like to attend classes? Do you like more than studying just like S**t?

The ultimate answer is WRC. भएको lab गर्नु पर्दैन नभएको labको लागि काठमाडौं जान पाईन्छ- just for a simple instance. And more lot, the internal complications are too much, in fact, the college itself is not ready for Bachelor’s level in Electronics and Communications. However, students are packed. (it seems like- but you can always get admission no matter if you passed or failed the IOE entrance, some of juniors still enjoying this opportunity)

If you can cheat in the exam, you are the best. Those who don’t will score mare 18 or 19 and those who could bring readymade assessment papers score a grand 20 by 20. Bargain with teacher (just passed out, fresher teachers in most of the cases) and you’ll score full marks no matter if you had submitted assignments or not, you had attended any classes or not. This is very inevitable act.

Last time one nice, handsome looking teacher (as they call him) replied me “this marks is sufficient for you, why you need more” and now he knows my ability. He when will  know that the students whom he gave full marks never attended his class and did any assignments ever ??? don’t ever think about (yes, your reader)- the teacher will never ponder again. Marks are teacher parents’ property (as we call in Nepali बाउको सम्पति ), they hesitate to give even the student performs well.

(I must admit some of the teachers/engineers in WRC are perfect, they are fabulous, multifaceted and very very helpful- it’s always other crooked who intend to ruin the whole of the instifutions, and this article is not just about few bad teachers but about most worst institution managers.)

My pathetic mind had written earlier some of the glimpses:

In fact, being a prudent is itself a devil boom in WRC. Even though I don’t like to compare the status of WRC with Pulchowk Campus, both being under the same hood of Institute of Engineering IOE, simply because of centralization. Still the brochure of WRC admission form says, the college has a well set up VSAT- गफ हन्ने पनि एउटा हद हुन्छ नि होइन र ।

तेसैले WRC छिर्नु भन्दा पहिले एकदुम बिचार गर्नुस्, तपाईं राम्रो student हो भने त झन यो कुर सोचदै नसोछु राम्रो। The hell on the Earth- its WRC! For some, WRC might be a paradise on the Eath, atleast not for me.

जादा जादै  तीन वोटा सम्भाबना तपाईंहरुको लागि- WRC automation machine will act upon you to

  • adult(arize) you on sticks, liquids and more
  • politic(ize) you according to your desire, one day you can be the top leader and the topper in academics
  • money(tize) you as long as you can earn by brainwashing the folks

मलाई भोली नै यो पोस्ट् लेखेको मा साथी हरुले पिट्लान भन्नु पर्दैन- technocrat को एउटा limit हुन्छ नि होइन र। BTW if you’ve been struggling to know what’s WRC= Without Regular Class Western Region Campus.

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