Write an assembly program to REVERSE THE GIVEN DIGITS

title to reverse the given digits


.model small

.stack 100H


main proc

mov ax, @data ; initialize ds register

mov ds, ax

mov ax, value1 ; move number to ax

mov cx, 0000h ; remainder r = 0

mov bx, 0010h ; for multiplication by 10h

BACK: mov dx, 0000h ; clear upper 16-bits

div bx ; divide the number ie dx= remainder, ax = quotient

push ax ; push remainder and quotient onto the stack

push dx

mov ax, cx ; r = 0

mul bx ; r = r * 10

pop dx

add ax , dx ; r = r * 10 + n mod 10

mov cx, ax ; keep reverse digits in cx register

pop ax ; or ax, ax ie number = 0

jnz BACK

mov ax, 4C00H ; return to DOS

int 21H

main endp


value1 dw 789A h

list dw 4 dup (?)

end main

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