Write an assembly program to READ YOUR NAME AND DISPLAY IT IN NEWLINE

title read and display name


.model small

.stack 100H


main proc

mov ax, @data ; initialize ds register

mov ds, ax

mov ah, 09h ; display message1

mov dx, offset msg1

int 21h

mov ah, 0ah ; read string

mov dx, offset string

int 21h

mov alt, 09h ; your name is

mov dx, offset msg2

int 21h

mov ah, 09h ; string output

mov dx, offset string

int 21h

mov ax, 4C00H ; return to DOS

int 21H

main endp

end main


msg1 db “Enter your name $”

msg2 db “OAH, ODH, your name is $”

max db 20

len db ?

string db 20 DUP(‘$’)