Find the largest element in a block of data. The length of block is 0A H. Store the maximum value in memory location result. Use an Assembly Language Program for Intel 8086.

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title largest element in a block of data


.model small

.stack 100H


main proc

mov ax, @data ; initialize ds register

mov ds, ax


mov cx, OA H ; counter = 10

mov al, 00H ; assume the largest number is 00H

mov SI, offset array ; SI initialization

BACK:    cmp al, [SI] ; is next number > maximum

jnc AHEAD ; NC = 0

mov al, [SI] ; yes, replace maximum


loop BACK

mov result, al ; move final result to al


mov ax, 4C00H ; return to DOS

int 21H

main endp


array db 12, 13, 80, 14, ….. ; total 0A h variables

result db ?

end main