Ever wondering how hard it is to install and even after installing Dolphin- community building software, it is harder to customize this Boonex Software. So, assuming that you have successfully installed Dolphin, presented here are the top ways to customize and solve problems and issues related with Dolphin.

Ensure that you have the administrative rights to the dolphin web software before you work out for any customization and logged onto the admin section ie /admin/index.php.

Before we begin: you might like to read this previous post- Problems & errors encountered during Dolphin installation on Bluehost

Issue 1. allow_url_include is On (warning, you should have this param in Off state, or your site will unsafe) or similar issues like register_globals is On, get_magic_quotes_gpc is Off, etc

_powered_by_Dolphin” in the Search for Strings panel. Once located, it will give you the result where you can then edit the link information.

Footer Links Such As Links, News, Contact Us etc.
The file is located in templates\tmpl_uni\_footer.html, find similar entries as _BMI_Links__, _BMI_News__,  __BMI_ContactUs__

To change the “Your Company”
Do a search for _copyright at Language, find the respective key and work on it.

Issue 6. Troubleshooting – Find Out Some Info About Your Server

Again, James Tadeo has done sufficient work on this. To test if your settings of Dolphin site email works, and running a phpinfo page, check this link.

This ends Boonex Dolphin Tips & Tricks,  Tutorials & Guides in Simple way.