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I’m an active Wikipedian with Global Contribution to the Wikipedia/Wikimedia platform with 198 edits in 6 projects (as of May 2017) and equally a contributor in Quora with over 200k views to my answers (as of May 2017).

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  1. […] HOUSE. The most visited PORTAL of the kind. I wonder I’m not easy going with my claim of Ekendra’s Blog is the BEST BLOG of its kind in the WHOLE country and I’m the BEST Blogger in here. Any […]

  2. SumAn Kc says

    blogging since 2003 !! that’s Amazing, that’s the time before facebook came public. Plus your blog is Nice !!

    1. Ekendra says

      Yes, that’s right. It was 2003 when I started blogging in Blogger (Blog*Spot). Before that in 2001 I created blog posts using static posts (in CJB.net) didn’t knew blog exist then. Finally blogging in this personal platform since 2004.

      1. SumAn Kc says

        i want to learn some from you, if you let me about blogging. not about writing but about maintaining and things to take care of. 🙂

  3. Lamichhane Rabin says

    You are doing a nice Job, all the best.

    1. Ekendra says

      Thanks, Rabin!

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