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March 2012

30 days with Machhapuchhre, A Photo Blog

Machhapuchhre (माछापुछ्रे), the Fishtail Mountain vibrantly seen from Pokhara, lies in the Annapurna Himalayan Range (Coordinates 28°29′42″N 83°56′57″E). I tried to cover some photographs of this mountain from my home in Pokhara last…

Fate of a popular virtual library – library.nu

I was shocked to see that eBooksclub.org aka library.nu shut down all of  a sudden. It had been my library for years and the next morning, it was gone, gone for ever. This sudden disappearing of a popular virtual library has created a…

Unreasonably Long Post Title

Investment product, analyzing the results of advertising campaigns, promotional programs the brief, the experience of previous campaigns. Seling and buying is usually entitled to.