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August 2009

A Horoscope For The Workplace

Astrology tells us about you and your future simply by your birthday. The Chinese Zodiac uses the year of your birth. Demographics tell us what you like, dislike, whom you vote for, what you buy, and what you watch on TV. Well, the…

Autorun.inf gphone.exe Autorun killer CPE 17

If your computer is running on Windows XP and infected with autorun virus or something like autorun.inf leading to infect other applications, you may see the screenshots on this post. The virus got the ability to create new folder.exe or…

Opera 10 beta released, get the 100% acid test

The first to do on fast dial things, and initially claimed to be the fastest browser on earth, Opera has released beta of it’s Opera 10, the desktop browser. On a separate news, Opera announced the browser for Google Android handsets.